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The Genaro Herrera Finca La Cascada defies any preconceived notion one ay have about Nicaraguan coffee. It stands out as an incredibly exceptional cup with the whole roasted beans akin to a butterscotch confection, and the brewed fragrance awash in floral tones. The assortment of tropical, citrus, blackberry, and green apple notes along with undercurrents of silky chocolate and caramel give this unique coffee an overall sweet and juicy flavor profile. We knew immediately that this coffee was something we wanted to be a part of and with the help of our Central and South American importing partner, Caravela Coffee, we joined a buying group and were successful in our pursuits as the winning bidders for this coffee in the 2014 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence auction!


Finca La Cascada is located in the La Unión community of San Fernando municipality, Nueva Segovia. Proprietor Don Genaro Herrera is a first generation coffee producer and started Finca La Cascada in 1967. Before growing coffee he was a vegetable and cattle farmer, which he learned from his father. He noticed his friends and neighbors in San Fernando were doing great growing coffee, so he decided to sell his cattle and try his luck. Due to civil war, he had to abandon his property three times and never had the chance to really take care of the coffee plants. At the beginning, he planted the Caturra variety, but in 2007 he started to grow Maracaturra and Maragogype varieties because of their quality and also because he liked the size of the large beans. The Maragogype yield is very low, but he prefers the quality, which makes the difference for specialty coffee.

For years, Don Genaro tried to get into the specialty coffee market, but unfortunately for Nicaraguan coffee producers it’s difficult. He feels fortunate to be part of the Virmax Nicaragua exporting family. They saw the potential in his 2013-2014 coffee crop and encouraged him to participate in 2014 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence Coffee Competition, where he placed as a finalist and accepted with great honor.

Don Genaro believes the secret to amazing coffee depends on the condition of the soil, elevation, microclimate, and varietals as well as the producer’s passion and agricultural practices. He also knows that picking only the ripe cherries is crucial along with the care taken during the wet milling process. Don Genaro’s coffee was dried on raised African beds for the first time ever at Beneficio La Estrella. The beds are fully covered with a material called Sarhan, which provides 80% of shade during the whole process, ensuring an even and controlled drying.

Moving forward, Don Genaro is planning 11,600 additional plants of Maracaturra and Maragogype varieties at Finca La Cascada. After his success in the 2014 Cup of Excellence, he truly believes in these varieties and wants to be recognized as a high quality coffee producer with the purpose of establishing long lasting relationships with coffee buyers.

Monday November 10th 7:00 pm Electric Mustache Gallery in Krankies Coffee


After a tragic family loss, photographer Haydee Thompson needed a time out. So at the end of July she took 3 planes, one bus, a train and then a taxi, to rent a manual car with the wheel on the opposite side, drove on an opposite side through the Scotland highlands to catch a ferry and hired another taxi to the Outer Hebrides to join her friends and their sail boat The Makara.  Their travels together took them around the top of Scotland to the Orkney Islands where historic gale force winds determined a heroic rescue by the Coast Guard. They then sailed through the outskirts of a hurricane over a treacherous North Sea to Holland then France where they could catch their breaths and fix the boat before continuing south to cross a notorious and choppy Bay of Biscay to Spain.  


"I realized quickly, I was not a sailor and felt kind of useless trying to be, but I had my camera. This photo exhibition is about my 3 friends, the real deal bad asses, who by self inflicted adversity shined with bravery, humor, and creativity throughout some pretty harry situations."

This show is also dedicated to a certain gregarious tribe of local free-spiritedness! -You know who you are!


Two hours of raw moving footage of the adventure will be projected during the opening. Its a "Don't Miss!"


Come out Saturday Afternoon for a Halloween inspired bike race.

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