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Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time

A documentary about legendary environmentalist Aldo Leopold. Green Fire highlights Leopold's extraordinary career, tracing how he shaped and influenced the modern environmental movement. Leopold remains relevant today, inspiring projects all over the country that connect people and land.

The Camel City Grill food truck will be outside Krankies by 5:30 p.m. Grab something tasty and bring it to enjoy! The movie is free and will start at 6:30.

Virginia hog farmer Adam Musick left behind a life as a rock n roll musician to revive his family’s farmland. After six years of full-time farming, Adam now struggles to return to music on his own terms against the heartbeat of his new path.


We will be showing the documentary GASLAND to inform folks about the dangers of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking). This process has not been allowed in NORTH CAROLINA but there is a bill in the House that would change that (SB76). This bill endangers water and air quality in many parts of the state. There will be info about the bill and the people who want to Frack NC. JOIN US ON THURSDAY NIGHT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PROCESS AND HOW YOU CAN PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT!

 this wednesday at 9pm....

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This September, we're proud to present Wu-Tember, a free movie series every Tuesday night at 8:30pm. 


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