Krankies Coffee
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Krankies Coffee is a coffee roaster, cafe, bar, and entertainment venue in downtown Winston-Salem, NC.

The axis of our business is our vintage gas-fired drum roaster, handmade in Greece. We fire it up every day to to roast small-batches of the finest beans from around the world. The small scale of our roasting operation enables us to have meticulous control over the process and procure consistently great coffee.

Our focus on quality and artistry continues in the cafe where our baristas serve up classic coffee beverages with the kind of flair that turns a drink into a bona fide aesthetic experience. We round out our offerings with a great selection of hand-crafted beers and small-batch wines as well as delicious baked goods and snacks from our favorite local food collaborators.

Krankies also prides itself on hosting great events and entertainment. From local talent showcases to national touring acts, we want to bring inspiring art to our performance space and continue to be the go-to music venue in Winston-Salem.

We are committed to providing our community with the best products and experiences that we can procure, from our coffees to our beer and wine to our arts events and performances. This dedication has earned us a loyal following of friends and supporters and enabled us to grow with the flourishing downtown scene. Come and have a drink with us and keep the gears turning.




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211 E. 3rd St. WSNC 27101