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Event Booking
We evaluate events based on thoughtfulness and creativity as well as appropriateness to our venue. Because we receive numerous proposals your patience and understanding is appreciated. Please allow two weeks after sending your proposal and feel free to send a follow up if you don't hear back from us.
Please include a statement of intent describing the nature of the event, a list of preferred dates and times, anticipated requirements (seating, PA, stage, bar, AV projection, staffing, etc...). A lead-time of two months to allow us to properly consider and promote the event. Web-links are especially helpful to us in evaluating your proposal.
All work must be your own original work, or public domain material, no covers! If you are booking a music event, please include a CD or link for each group/performer and direct it to attn: Music Booking. You can also send us a link to digital files (i.e. myspace page, facebook page, band website, etc.) Do not send actual files through email. Also if you have registered your music with any licensing entity you must give us written permission in advance of your performance for you to play your music here, as we do not have arrangements with those entities.
Theater and other performing arts should send a synopsis/script of the performance and should be directed to attn: Performance Booking. VHS tapes/DVDs of prior performances or rehearsals are preferred if available. News-clippings, bios, reviews, web-links and photographs are especially helpful to us in evaluating your proposal.
Film or Video
Film/Video screenings should include a VHS or DVD copy of the material to be screened and should be directed to attn: Screenings.
Private Events
We consider on a case-by-case basis rental our gallery space to nonprofit groups, corporate parties, or private individuals. Please inquire for cost and availability. We do not rent the performance space for private parties.



Send press kits and presents to:
Attn: booking
211 East 3rd Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Send emails to:  Include date, event details, and any pertinent links to your project.
211 E. 3rd St. WSNC 27101