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12.02.11 Friday | EM Gallery Opening Reception 7-9pm, $free | UNDERTOW: a show of paintings

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Winston native Daniel Peddle comes to town with his collection of paintings inspired by his feature length documentary, Trail Angels.

Opening reception is Friday December 2nd, 7-9p.m. Show runs through December 31st.

Trail Angels will be shown at 8 p.m. A brief Q&A with the director/artist will follow the screening.

"Four years ago, while making his second feature documentary, Trail Angels, Peddle encountered what hikers call “the green tunnel”, a hallucinatory effect wherein the woods seem to engulf one’s path. These dreamlike moments walking behind a friend in the forest became the catalyst to a much larger truth: “The earth wants you back,” he explains. “It is always waiting to receive you.” The experience returned him to a youth spent playing in the abandoned barns and empty houses immersed in the thickets of rural North Carolina. Peddle’s work comments on the power and beauty of rot, which points always to this undeniable fact: in spite of our increasing separation from the natural world, the frothing shore will eventually devour us."

"TRAIL ANGELS, Peddle’s second film is a portrait of a subculture. Here a community based on kindness and simplicity emerges from the backwoods of America. The film follows four unsung heroes, who make it their quest to help the seasonal thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail, a pilgrimage of five million footsteps. The film debuted on The Documentary Channel in 2011 as part of their series “Across America”."

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