Saturday June 15th

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Tom's  World Famous Guitarsa will present a master clinic featuring Jack Dent of Jack Dent Guitars and Daniel Seriff, player extraordinaire. They will discuss the full workings of how a  guitar functions. This will be a 3 hour event including performances and informative knowledge that can be applied to your own instruments. A must see for players and guitar enthusiasts alike!
Here is a brief summary of what will be covered.
types, origins, age, growing climate, types of cut,
solid, ply, what's available.
BODIES .....resonance, shape, carved tops, bookmatching,
solid vs split, hollowed,  harmonic pick-up placement, 
binding, finish.
NECKS ....types of wood, size, shape, fingerboards,
neck-through, headstocks, inlays, fret spacing & scale, 
fret slotting, fret size, compound radius, truss rods, 
neck wood vs body wood.
everything you ever wanted to know and more!
Jack Dent and I fret using two completely different methods!
hammer & press-in, fret types, leveling & dressing,
crowning & addressing fret edges, loose frets.
neck relief, truss rod adjustments, action, radius, 
intonation, pick-up adjustment, trem systems.
gonna tell you what the real facts are!
There is not as much mystery here as you would think!
Jack, Dan and Tom will answer any question you might have!

for more info and online tickets

Tom's Guitars here!

Daniel can be found in many places at the same time

and Jack Dent Guitars

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