Sumatra Gayo - French Roast
Sumatra Gayo - French Roast

Sumatra Gayo - French Roast


Gayo is an Arabica from the mountainous micro-region of Takengon, Aceh in northern Sumatra. It comes to us via Yoke Partners, the coffee brokerage arm of Agricultural Development Initiatives (ADI). ADI is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable agribusiness in the developing world while also connecting small farms with international buyers.
This coffee practically landed in our laps, and has been blowing our minds since the initial sample roasts were cupped. We actually found it so versatile that we are releasing it in both a light roast and a French roast! 
The high humidity Giling Basah, or "Sumatran" hulling process has imparted a wild, fermenty quality to this coffee; this is prominent in both roasts, but they diverge from there. Expect flavors of strawberry, toasted rice, tangerine, and sorghum molasses from the lighter roast, while the French yields a smokier cup with notes of dried stonefruit, nutmeg, and darker molasses.


ORIGIN: Sumatra

FARM: Agricultural Development Initiatives (ADI-501C3 nonprofit) and Yoke Partners - Organic Sustenance Farm
ALTITUDE: 1200-1700 masl
VARIETY: Atong & Tim-Tim
PROCESS: Wet Hulled / Shadegrown / Rainforest 
NOTES: Smokey, Nutmeg, Apricot, Fermented Molasses